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Communication service providers should remember that cloud computing can – and must – defend the core: broadband.
Camille MendlerPrincipal AnalystInforma Telecoms & Media
Undoubtedly cloud services are becoming an essential part of the service portfolio of every telecommunications provider however there can be some confusion over what they will deliver in return. At Neostratus we see three main benefits for our telco partners:
Maintain ARPU

Wireless Intelligence in 2011 found that Voice ARPU had declined by 20% in the previous 3 years, providing telco’s with a constant and on-going challenge to replace these revenues with new services. Broadsoft Mobile Survey Europe found that over 40% of IT professionals believed that telco’s were best positioned to offer cloud services to their customers. Neostratus has a proven track record of partnering with telco’s to create and monetise a cloud services portfolio that enables our partners to maintain their overall ARPU in these challenging times.

Decrease churn by increasing customer loyalty
In an increasingly commoditised market, telco’s are often finding it difficult to provide non-price reasons for their customers to remain with them. To combat this, service providers must find ’sticky’ products and services that customers value. Neostratus is able to provide these by providing branded, bespoke offerings to the market that embed telco’s into their customers’ lives and organisations, enriching their experience of communication and creating loyalty to their service provider.

Increase share of the data usage market
Data usage has grown at different rates across different markets however one thing remains constant – the market is not yet saturated and data is an increasingly vital part of every market. In response, telco’s can either compete on price or differentiate. Our ability to create branded, unique local service blends ensure that our partners are able to leverage customer data usage as the growth engine for their revenues.

Telcos have an opportunity to grow into the role of cloud ecosystem manager, leveraging their network and financial assets.
Forrester Research, 2012

To find out how Neostratus provides successful cloud service strategies to our partners and how your organisation can benefit, please check what we deliver.

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