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Neostratus Supervisory Board consists of:

Viktor Kovacs
Supervisory Board Chairman (Neostratus, formerly CE On-Demand Founder)

dr Sándor Erdei
Board Member (DBH Investments)

Kristof Barany
Board Member (DBH Investments)

Brent Muckridge
Board Member (EM Finance Consulting)

Ian Perry
Board Member (Non-Executive Director – Cloudmark, Inc., Eseye Ltd., Ontology Ltd.)

Simon Roth
Board Member (Wizones)


dbh_Inv_smallAbout DBH Investment
Known for its unique business model on the market of business and investment services, DBH Group provides on the one hand physical infrastructure (serviced offices and serviced industrial facilities) as well as related business services (finance, business administration, IT and project management) and venture capital to Hungarian and international SME corporations. In the last fifteen years, based on its international office network, DBH Group has carried out several investments in Hungary and the region. In autumn 2008 the group founded DBH Investment Venture Capital Fund Co. based on its experience in European financial and investment markets. Out of the HUF 5 billion the Fund manages, HUF 2 billion has already been invested in innovative enterprises and startups. The Fund’s investments include, among others, IT, health care services, high tech enterprises that endeavor to grow into regional or global players with the help of the invested capital.

DBH Investment Venture Capital Fund Co. manages funds from the EU-wide JEREMIE program in Hungary. The Jeremie (Joint European Resources for Micro to Medium Enterprises) program is designed to improve the financial status of SMEs by providing early-stage equity financing.


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About National Development Agency (Nemzeti Fejlesztési Ügynökség, NFÜ)
Neostratus Zrt. received non-refundable aid to support the creation and development of Enterprise SaaS centres as part of c. bid from the Operative Program of National Development Agency. The website was created through the help of this aid.

Project Name: “Creation of a robust application service centre at Central Europe On-Demand Zrt. to increase significantly the effectiveness of the potential SMB operational users.” (Note: Neostratus Zrt.’s predecessor was called Central Europe On-Demand Zrt.)

Project Description: In the framework of this project Central Europe On-Demand (now Neostratus) intends to create a professional, robust and scalable SaaS Centre and after the completion of the development, will allow numerous SMB’s to support modern high-level software to support internal administrative processes without needing major investments.

The project will happen with the support of the European Union and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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