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Enterprises now have the opportunity of utilizing cloud computing solutions instead of in-house or outsourced IT, for competitive advantage through breakout opportunities both for cost savings and, more importantly, for business innovation in terms of unprecedented speed and agility with vastly improved collaboration among business partners and customers.

Neostratus’ Cloud Services Manager enables our partners to fulfill this growing demand by providing bundles of hosted services with legacy and 3rd party applications that can be billed alongside mainstream offerings such as managed desktop.

Neostratus capabilities as a cloud provider enable Enterprises to quickly deploy the relevant services based either in their own data centres in a so-called Partner Cloud Setup, or even in a Hybrid Infrastructure Setup from the client’s on-premise facilities. Neostratus’ cloud eneblement services delivered through the company’s award-winning provisioning and administrative platform, the Cloud Services Manager, can increase service provider relevance and customer loyalty through white labelled, bundled services, integrated into Enterprises’ core infrastructure and service offering.

The Cloud Services Manager is able to provision pure Infrastructe-as-a-Service solutions with an endless number of Private Clouds, or it can deliver Business Productivity-enhancing softwares like messaging, collaboration, unified communication or backup from the cloud, or provision any kind of 3rd-party services like Blackberry (RIM) or Google Apps. This dedicated Software-as-a-Service management can be done in a Private Cloud model as well, provisioning an Automated Private Cloud for Enterprises sold in a marketplace.


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