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The consumer mobile market is extremely competitive and operators are facing declining revenues and increased churn. However for the majority of customers, there is little reason to maintain loyalty to their service provider. For this reason, we have developed services that place branded applications onto the customers’ handsets. These enable our partners’ to own their customers’ experience of messaging and social media across a range of phones from smartphones to featurephones running J2ME or even WAP.

Our MobileMail application

  • Integrates email from any provider, Facebook and Twitter into a single client with the operator’s branding
  • Has single-touch activation from the operator portal or via SMS making the service easy to set up
  • Has back-to-portal button driving data usage, as the average consumer has been found to use it 3 times per day
  • Provides pushmail to featurephones to encourage regular usage
  • Has intelligent data handling controllable by operators




Combined with Chatroom

  • To build and manage your own branded chatroom
  • Accessible from almost any handset
  • Providing public and private chats available to users
  • Enabling photo & video posting
  • With newsfeed and quizzes to encourage regular usage


For more information on how these services can increase ARPU and drive down customer churn please contact us!

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