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The single biggest revenue opportunity for Cloud Service Providers is as a Cloud Service Brokerage.
Gartner 2011

Successful cloud service providers need to differentiate their products by offering specialist and localized services to their customers. The flexibility and efficiency to do this can only come from Cloud Brokerage and Neostratus aims to be a trusted intermediary and consultant to offer organizations this capability. Neostratus helps cloud service providers to navigate, integrate, and customize cloud services. Whether providing new services for small business that previously were cost-prohibitive or migrating legacy applications for large enterprises to enhance operational efficiencies, Neostratus can meet these needs.

Neostratus Cloud Brokerage solutions give partners the ability to build ecosystems which connect their customers to a wide variety of solutions enabling them to take advantage of the business and financial benefits of the cloud. We are able to deploy 3rd party applications to our partners within rapid timescales ensuring that they remain competitive and differentiated within their market. Above all, Cloud Brokerage services from Neostratus offer partners an opportunity to provide value-added service ecosystems that help differentiate their core offerings to gain market share, increase customer life-time profitability and enable new channels of distribution.

Examples of Cloud Brokerage services which can be integrated, monetised and deployed via the Cloud Services Manager include:

  • Globally, regionally, or locally hosted messaging, collaboration, and communication services
  • Domain registration and web-hosting
  • Market specific ERP, CRM, and business productivity services
  • Local market-place service portfolios

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